Polytheism Without Borders and Helpful Heathens

I know it’s been on for quite a while, but in case you’d like to know, I’m on Polytheism Without Borders as Aldrin of the Two Trees [aldrin]. I haven’t been a forum person for a very long time (social media has been so much more accessible these days), but hey, I might just make a come back.

In other news, following their call for relief fundraisingThe Wild Hunt was thoughtful enough to look into the lives of [some] Pagans in the Philippines last month (hint: I was part of it). Consequently, several Pagan groups (and individuals) have made extensive efforts in lending their hands and hearts to the typhoon-stricken areas of my country (hats off to Elaion‘s charity movement Pandora’s Kharis for raising a total of $304 despite the small size of our group). We may not be a particularly wealthy demographic, but we are quite stout of heart. Good job, people!


Hermês comes to save the day!


Hail You, Guardian of the Road!

Because ordering paperback can be extremely expensive (and frustrating!) for me, I decided to finally try out Kindle today. I can’t believe I’ve been a Neanderthal all this time, not knowing this beautiful magic.

Well, what better way to be thankful (and auspicious) than to have a Hermes devotional as my first purchase. It is super. Thank you, Lord, for the Internet and all these neat things!