Polytheism Without Borders and Helpful Heathens

I know it’s been on for quite a while, but in case you’d like to know, I’m on Polytheism Without Borders as Aldrin of the Two Trees [aldrin]. I haven’t been a forum person for a very long time (social media has been so much more accessible these days), but hey, I might just make a come back.

In other news, following their call for relief fundraisingThe Wild Hunt was thoughtful enough to look into the lives of [some] Pagans in the Philippines last month (hint: I was part of it). Consequently, several Pagan groups (and individuals) have made extensive efforts in lending their hands and hearts to the typhoon-stricken areas of my country (hats off to Elaion‘s charity movement Pandora’s Kharis for raising a total of $304 despite the small size of our group). We may not be a particularly wealthy demographic, but we are quite stout of heart. Good job, people!


Hermês comes to save the day!


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