It’s been a while since I was last here and much has changed. And whilst 2016 was a bitch to the world of politics and pop icons, I was lucky that the changes were mostly positive for me. That said, I pray not only for my good fortune to flourish but also for the zeitgeist of this year — may things improve. I welcome you with open arms, 2017.

And what would be a more fitting way to welcome the next 365 days than with a prayer to the Opener of ways and God of beginnings?


Pagbati sa Iyo ng may galak at tuwa,
O Haring Tarangkahan na may dalawang mukha;
isang pakanan at isang pakaliwa,
Poon ng mga pintuan, mula langit hanggang lupa.
O Haring Tarangkahan, buksan Mo ang daan:
sa Taong ito’y nawa’y walang humadlang
sa pagtupad sa mga tungkulin na sa ami’y nakalaan;
biyaya’t pagpapala nawa’y maging katuparan.
O Poong nagbabantay sa bawat simulain,
nawa’y sa unang pag-awit at panimulang panalangin
ay buksan Mo ang daan sa lahat ng kariwasaan;
kasaganaan, kagandahan at kasiyahan.
At sa pagsilang ng bagong umaga ito,
isilang nawa sa aming mga diwa at puso
ang isang bagong pag-asa at bagong ngiti
isang bagong lakas na hindi mapapawi.
Nawa’y sa Taong ito at sa mga darating pa
ay maging matagumpay at maligaya
ang pagkamit sa aming mabubuting mithiin,
malaya sa balakid at suliranin.
O Haring Tarangkahang tagapagbukas ng Daan:
nawa’y sa susunod na Ika’y aming awitan
ay mas higit pa ang aming tuwa’t kasiyahan
sa pag-awit sa Iyong matamis na pangalan.


Yes, this is Tagalog. I spent half of 2016 trying to get down my prayers and songs in the tongue of my mother’s people, and though I promise to try my best to provide a good translation sometime this week, I hope you can at least enjoy the rhythm of this New Year’s prayer to Janus. Ave Iane Pater! Luwalhati sa Iyo!



May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

Yesterday marked the end of the transitional holidays — can’t really call them “winter holidays” for us here because, you know, no winter — and now it’s back to regular programming for the rest of us.

(Well, unless you’re from Eastern Europe, in which case, I greet you a Happy Christmas!)

Monday, we celebrated our second Vialia (a festival we’ve adopted from Helio‘s fasti) and made our first offerings to the Traveller and his train of goodly road-spirits. May the path be opened to all things beneficent and auspicious, and may no evil ever cross our path!

Here are the new wreaths we laid out for them:

And the sweet offerings we shared for breakfast:


Always auspicious to have your kathiskos jar bursting with grain.

We also baked our own version of libum for the Gods of the household:


I used cheddar, though, not ricotta.

More pictures from the New Year where we cleaned the hell out of our house and re-painted the altar:


After an intimate dinner with Father Janus and the laughter-loving Sons of Zeus, we also painted our individual daruma dolls with their right eyes (thank you, Murmur, for the gifts), signifying our goals to chase this year. Before the year ends, I pray that the dolls will see with two eyes the fulfillment of our promised goals.


May we always pray with a good fire and ever share good food with Her.


Our newly painted house shrine c/o the talented Laya.

May all our comings and goings this year be swift and safe and may we make many good memories. Also, more money to go places and travel the world!

Salve, Mercuri! Salvete, Lares viales! Χαίρετε!


Greeting you all a most Joyous and Prosperous New Year! May we all live to our truest to be at our happiest.

And now, for our obligatory photo collage:


New wreath for Father Janus and our family’s first offerings for 2016

May we see through our most cherished hopes and dreams this year and may they bring us much joy to last ten thousand and one years.

Io Hermês! Io Dionysos!

Welcome, 2015!

Happy Gregorian New Year! ¡Bienvenidos MMXV!

I hope your Kalends of January were joyous! I’ve had no time to update you all on our “Decemberalia” (i.e. Poseidea, Dionysia, Saturnalia, Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, etc.) festivities, but I still plan to post one or two (read: several) pictures in the coming days.

Thankfully, Instagram was privy to some of our Kalends of January moments, so I can share these right away:

Fresh pine to make new wreaths for the New Year

Fresh pine to make new wreaths for the New Year

A new wreath for Father Ianus

A new wreath for Father Ianus

One wreath for the threshold and another for the Sun King

One wreath for the threshold and another for the Sun King

No rite without oil and wine

No ritus sanctus without oil and wine

Modest portions because we are a modest people

Modest portions because we are a modest people. Bragging doesn’t work on the deathless gods.

The shrine is unveiled and all the gods are invited

The shrine is unveiled and all the gods are invited.

May all your calends and noumênia feasts be joyous and bountiful!

May all your feasts be joyous and bountiful! (By the way, the beautiful clay lararium plaque was a gift from our dear friend, Murmur, praise his bloody skilful hands!)

Of course, the celebration doesn’t end there. As we speak, our house is getting ready for our very first celebration of the Vialia (which we’re borrowing from Helio, bless his genius). I’m, at this very moment, baking some whole-wheat focaccia cum libum and it smells really good, mm-mm. I hope the Luck-bringer likes it, so let’s do this!

Happy New Year! Happy Vialia! To auspicious beginnings!

— 4th of January 2015 c.e. 2768 a.u.c. / 13th of Poseideôn-Audenaios 2nd of the 698th olympiad