La Vie Avec Les Dieux

Sorry for being out of touch! My 29th year is proving to be very, very eventful, indeed.


Shortly after the Vialia, the first full moon of the year called for a full table and an intimate dinner with the Two Lords and our household spirits.


The end of January also called for a feast for those who blessed the opening month with many gifts (and there were many). May every month end with such gratitude!


Didn’t get a chance to get my fortune read, but nevertheless welcomed the Fire Monkey at the oldest Chinatown in the world, our very own, where Jesus, Buddha, and the Shen have dimsum every night.


A recent movement at work called for a lovely Wednesdate with Man’s dearest companion, His gifts are generous beyond count.


Come Anthestêria, things got a little more earthy.


Even this young bull was drawn.


Bull meets mask in a perfect display of Dionysian imagery.


On the last night of Anthestêria, we feasted in Their names.


And shared the same feast with Them.


One of the many unexpected but joyous events in my 29th year was deciding to move out from home (on the 29th of February, no less) and living with my dearest friend, the Indophile. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling to leave the place of your childhood to carve your own space in a strange city, but our lords are with us — we shall not weep. Here is our shrine at the new pad, our second home. They are generous beyond count.


Of course, never a feast without the Goodly Gods in a new place. Here we celebrate the Calends of March, quite appropriately, on our first day at the pad.


Despite being far away from the town I grew up in, praying with the same fire from home feels like I’m still there, praying with my family. And maybe it truly is so.


Never forget the Goddess of cities who guards all.


Old keys and new keys to old homes and new homes.


Old spirits, new spirits — one fire and one song.

Roughly a month to go until I turn 30. Wondrous things are about to happen.





Welcome, Anthestêriôn and Year of the 羊!

I’m going to spoil my upcoming entry and announce that our House has chosen a new date for our lunar new year: Anthestêriôn. Prior to this, we used Athenian reckoning and started on Hekatombaiôn, but we felt that the date had little significance to our cultus and to the general cultural setting of where we live.

In case our Western readers are unaware, the noumênia of Anthestêriôn (i.e. the second new moon after the winter solstice) coincides with the beginning of the first month in the Chinese calendar (thus being the New Year). It is also a significant coincidence that both months are associated with springtime, flowers, and a link between the past and the present.

And whilst there are only a handful of Filipino families that are actually of Chinese origin, the Chinese New Year remains a culturally significant time for many urban and suburban households. It is not uncommon for Filipino Catholics, for example, to flock to nearby Daoist or Buddhist temples to offer prayers for a prosperous new year. And who doesn’t want to know their feng shui around here? Everybody who isn’t a fundamentalist Protestant seems to be so concerned about the lucky colour of the year or which charms to hang by the door or which parts of their house they want to rearrange on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Staying true to the mestizo heritage of our house, we have included symbols and auspicious offerings from both East and West in our celebration below:

C360_2015-02-20-02-58-47-745 C360_2015-02-20-02-59-34-719 C360_2015-02-20-17-49-13-116 C360_2015-02-20-17-51-39-266 IMG_20150220_172425IMG_20150223_162523 IMG_20150223_162516

Coincidentally, I’ve also taken up gardening again, starting with this pot of earth. The petals you see are for mulching, and come from last Theogamia‘s roses. I say, fertility for fertility! Wish my tomatoes good health!


Today Is the Sixth of February And the Sixth of Anthestêrion Too

This dual-calendar gentile couldn’t be happier. For the first time in a while, the first day of the secular month was also the first day of the lunar. On the Chinese New Year, no less!

Tikoy and chai meet grapes and wine as we celebrate the beginning of the 1st month in the Chinese calendar, the 2nd in the Roman calendar, and the 8th in the Athenian.

Tikoy and chai met grapes and wine as we celebrated the beginning of the 1st month in the Chinese calendar, the 2nd in the Roman calendar, and the 8th in the Athenian. Mestizo paganism, at its best!

Now, if only the rest of the year could be as uncomplicated as February 2014.

Flowers, Fire, and Springtime Snakes

Tonight, as the new moon rises, we welcome the Athenian month of Anthesteriôn (Ἀνθεστηριών), the month of flowers, a month special to Dionysos and our ancestors.


At the same time, we welcome the return of springtime winds here in the south-eastern seas as the Year of the Water Snake begins. May you have happy flowery, snakey, warm days ahead. (But, not too warm!)

water snake

In addition, I have had plans to incorporate the cultus of Brigindo (“Gaulish Brighid“) as a distinct part (and not “merely” as an interpretatio of Vesta or Minerva) of our household worship. I am unsure, though, how to do that at this point as there are so many festivities going on at the same time. A perfect time would have been a few days ago on the 4th (the “astrological” Imbolc), which was also the beginning of Lìchūn (節氣)–or “Chinese New Year”. I should have prepared, I know.

brighid(Image sources 1, 2, 3)