House under Two Trees

We are a small but stout-hearted community of devotional polytheist pagans and their respective families.

Our focus is domestic cultus: we see ourselves as working with our beloved Gods and Spirits, especially our ancestors, in maintaining the peace and well-being of our households.

The Two Trees refer to our split heritage: one Western, the other Eastern. We are a mestizo house, celebrating the mixing of cultures found in our family histories and the history of our shared locality.

We are, however, primarily Romano-Hellenistic in rite, i.e., most festivities will be celebrated in either modernised versions of ritus romanus (Roman rite) or ritus graecus (Greek rite), or a combination of both. Elements from indigenous Filipino, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions are sometimes incorporated on certain occasions.

Our goals are to preserve mos maiorum (ways of our elders) whilst keeping it relevant to our people’s needs at present.