I’d like to think so, at least.

After 6 days, a 24-hour bus ride, and 2 days of lying in bed, I’m back from my mountain DIY pilgrimage. As I wrote to a friend, my primary goal was to sort my shit out, but five days into the trip, I felt that I wasn’t really accomplishing anything substantial (at least, not to my liking).

But just when I felt I wasn’t getting anything done, I had an extremely moving experience. It was on our fifth day when, by some fateful chance, we made our way to a sacred waterfall, the Falls of Bomod-ok.


Took this picture before I plunged in. Other beautiful pictures here (but not mine).

Usually the area is closed to tourists, but it opened a day before our departure. It was an hour trek down the valley, but it was all worth it. The moment I saw the waters, I felt a chill take me. As we got closer, I began to talk to it. Or him. Once I got my feet into the freezing water, even I was taken aback by the words of praise that wouldn’t stop pouring out of my mouth. I felt an urge to drink from the waters, so I did just that. Boy, did the Waters take me. I cried. I cried so much. It was as if the Spirit of the waters had touched me, lifted me up from my worries, and hugged me. I was laughing and crying, crying and laughing. It was truly divine. No wonder people still worship him!

Praises to the Grandfather of the Waters, Grandfather Bomod-ok, who unloosed my tears at last, mending my soul, healing me of my madness!

The next day, we met the sunrise, sang to the gracious gods and mighty spirits, and made offerings. I didn’t care if people were watching. It felt right to approach them again at that very hour at that very place.


Soul unhorcruxed. Miasma cleared. Cultus can now recommence.

Obviously, I am overjoyed to say that I did, in fact, find what I needed to find in my 7-day DIY retreat. Cost me 10 days of unpaid leaves from work, but it was well worth it. I had my doubts if I could even do it, but it happened, anyway. I know, I still have a long way to go, but I think it’s a good start.

Salamat, Apo Bomod-ok! Salamat, mga Ginuo, mga Diwatang kasamba-samba! Salamat, mga Ninunong kapuri-puri!



I’m heading for the mountains in a few hours and won’t be back until next Saturday. Wish me luck in getting the Spirits to help me in fixing my shit. May all our offerings be pleasing to the Gods.

For now, I leave you snapshots of the little offerings we’ve made these past three weeks, trying to set things straight between me and my soul, through the help of our Beloved Spirits:


Hail, Dionysos Sotêr, Dionysos Eleutherios! Hail, Hermês Diaktoros! Hail, our mighty and blessed Dead!

Légomai Eleuthérios

In case you’re wondering: Aldrin is out and Eleutherios is in.


It was the day before Poppy Day when the son, brother, and friend known as Aldrin, author of this lazy arse blog, fucked up big time. Sinking into a pool of shame, guilt, and sadness, he descended into the abyss of his own making, and perished.

Just kidding. He isn’t dead–not literally, at least–but he is trying to resurrect himself from a figurative death as we speak.

Half a month after shutting people out from his then-dismal existence–on Lebanon’s independence day, no less–Aldrin decided to reconnect, taking the name of Eleutherios (ancient or modern pronunciation, doesn’t matter).

I am now Eleutherios.

Born again, through the fires of freedom and truth, though not in any evangelical or new-agey way. Halleloo.

Now, you can still call me by my old name, no problem, but it wouldn’t hurt if you called me Eleutherios, too.

The reason I decided to change my name is because it’s symbolic of what I’m…

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From Darkness Into Light

We’re moving from one month into another, again. Happy month-end! Happy deipnôn!

Now, month-ends are, for some reason, very nostalgic to me. I guess, it’s because it reminds me of all the times I prayed for a chance to start fresh. I know every day is a chance to reset, but there’s something about the Moon (literal, symbolic, or both) that makes a monthly reboot especially significant.

My Instagram album has been witness to these moments many, many times already:

As one cycle ends, another begins. Hail, Hekatê, light in the darkness, keeper of keys!

As one cycle ends, another begins. Hail, Hekatê, light in the darkness, keeper of keys! (leaving Skirophoriôn 1/698, entering Hekatombaiôn 2/698)

Luwalhati sa Senyorang may tatlong mukha.

Luwalhati sa Senyorang may tatlong mukha. Hail, three-faced Hekatê! (leaving Metageitniôn, entering Boedromiôn 2014)

It's that time of the month again to pay the Lady the rent that we owe her.

It’s that time of the month again to pay the Lady the rent that we owe her. (leaving Boedromiôn, entering Puanepsiôn 2014)

Incidentally, it’s also Diwali tonight, too. Shubh Diwali! Hail the victory of light over darkness!

Image source: http://goo.gl/qMMdiV

Image source: http://goo.gl/qMMdiV

I am, however, stuck at work right now–but if I weren’t, I’d be with my dear friend, the Indophile, having a nice Indian dinner at home.

Here was last year’s annual Lakshmi and Ganesha puja, which we hope to perform this weekend:

DSC_0546 DSC_0515 DSC_0530 DSC_0536

May all the gracious Gods-who-move-the-world look after your way; bring you safely from the past into the future, from yesterday into tomorrow, from darkness into light. Om. Ita est.