Thank You for Not Spamming My Feed with Zeitgeist

[Originally intended to be a pre-Christmas post under the title, “Brace Yourselves, Zeigeist Quotes Are Coming“.]

Said in a Yorkshire accent.

Said in a Yorkshire accent.

Fortunately, I didn’t see a single Zeitgeist meme in my Facebook feed all throughout Christmas. Have people actually been reading real books? I can only hope so.

Nevertheless, I wanted to put these two horrible pieces of information (and thus, splendid works of misinformation!) up on my Wall of Shame:


Pretty much, comparative myth for morons. For shame!


Good intentions. Bad mythstory.

Srsly, people. There are better ways to wage war on a dominionist Christmas than spreading misinformation, bad myth, and bad history. Almost feels like miasma, really.

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