He’s looking back at you:
the Lord of the Seed,
with sunlight in his hair,
the God of Many Gifts,
grain growing beneath his feet,
Lord of Elf-home,
most handsome Son of Earth and Sea.

(See the rest of the photo set here. As suggested by the watermark, it is NSFW. But it’s all worth it, trust me!)


Lord of the Fields

Lord of the Fields

This photo could very well suit as a devotional image of the Vana god Yngvi Frey, one of several deities from my Northern heritage I include in my cultus (although, I prefer addressing him by his Saxon name, Ingui Frea, since my ancestors were from the continent, most likely).

Here’s something about Frea from Englatheod:

Adam of Bremen mentions Frea in reference to the temple at Uppsala:

In this temple, entirely decked out in gold, the people worship the statues of three gods in such wise that the mightiest of them, Thor, occupies a throne in the middle of the chamber; Wotan and Frikko have places on either side. The significance of these gods is as follows: Thor, they say, presides over the air, which governs the thunder and lightning, the winds and rains, fair weather and crops. The other, Wotan-that is, the Furious-carries on war and imparts to man strength against his enemies. The third is Frikko, who bestows peace and pleasure on mortals. His likeness, too, they fashion with an immense phallus. (Gesta Hammaburgensis 26, Tschan’s translation)

Idols with large phalluses have been found and are thought to represent Freyr.

I think I’ll be printing this out and housing it in my shrine, together with Dionysos. Who says the Lord can’t have short, dark hair? Hail the Handsome Lord of Plenty!