Look at what you made!

These are phenomenal. I have no other words for this beauty.


No, You Can’t Pray the Rain Away (But Yes, Happy Thalusia)

I know this storm sucks, but you can’t pray the rain away, sorry. Prayer doesn’t work that way, and the rain-spirits are going to do whatever the f*ck they want, regardless.


My grandparents’ living room, flooded. We’re relatively lucky at this rate. You should see the nearby towns. (No, wait, don’t.)

Still, despite all this monsoon insanity, we still managed to hold a little semi-outdoor sacrifice to Dêmêtêr, Korê, and Dionysos right in time for the Thalusia.

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“Hestia in the high dwellings of all, both deathless gods and men who walk on earth…”

A small sacrificial fire was lit in the garden and hymns were sung to the agricultural triad. Prayers were also offered to Wesir (Osiris) and Min who both protect the newly inundated fields. Shortly after, prasaad was served (prasaad is a beautiful custom I’ve adopted from the Hindus, which is roughly eating with your gods and your community from the same feast table). It’s always nice to eat with friends!

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For Ceres, Liber pater, and Libera mater

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Chinese pears and a gigantic papaya for the chthonic trinity

Obviously, it wasn’t a major harvest feast since we haven’t really harvested anything huge yet. Still, there’s at least one fruit or vegetable in season every month, so we figured to celebrate it, anyway. Maybe we should have one every month! Happy Tropical Thalusia!

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Grow my pretties, grow!

“Bright Goddess, come, with summer’s rich increase swelling and pregnant, leading smiling peace; come with fair concord and imperial health, and join with these a needful store of wealth.” — Orphic Hymn 40 to Demeter