A.L. — the Eurasian polyanimist pilgrim also known as Ελευθέριος — owns this space.

He swears by the gods of Olympos and the religious traditions of the old Hellenistic world. He is a Eurasian mestizo — born of two trees — a multicultural mongrel by ancestry and choice. He does not, however, think twice to participate in the rites of other traditions whenever he can.

Of all the gods of the Greeks, he holds Hermês, Dionysos, and Athênê closest to his heart. He is also not a stranger to the local Hindu community: he is especially fond of celebrating Ganesha Chaturthi and Durga Navratri with them, and is a devotee of these two amazing deities.

As a child, he was raised in a part folkish, part liberal Catholic household, and whilst he renounced his ties with the church of his upbringing a long time ago, he still adheres to many of his family’s ‘Catholic’ traditions. He still has one or two Marian devotions a year, and he religiously maintains their Catholic shrine at home as well as the one dedicated to the Olympians.

He also loves reading about historical linguistics, pre-Christian religion, and Ireland (a Celtophile), and considers himself a worshipper of Beauty, Reason, and the Word.


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