Di Obsecro Vostram Fidem

So, I’m finally in my 30’s. I can’t say if it feels any different, but I’m thankful for what I’ve become.

For every smile, I thank you, you all know who you are.

For every smile, I thank you, you all know who you are.

Gratitude in smoke and flesh.

Gratitude in smoke and flesh for my eautou daimôn, my genius.

In other news, I’ve revamped the altar at our new place after the repairman broke one of our statues. Seven long years and all it took was a clumsy visitor.

The handiwork of Men may break and fade away, but the works of the Goddess live for ever. Hail, Reason's goddess and Mistress of well-ordered cities!

Fortunately, I got a new one (plus three others) shipped from Greece. It took a month to cross two seas and an ocean, but it was well worth the wait. With feast and fire, we blessed them for holy use last Full Moon Night. May they serve their purpose for many a year!


I also printed out photos for our “god-mural” by the hallway, courtesy of Apotheon‘s concept art. Who knew such a sacrilegious game could produce such beautiful god-images!


May the blissful Gods ever receive gifts of beauty from us! Let thanks be returned for their graciousness.

(Photos can also be viewed at our Instagram account, undertwotrees.)


No Day Is a Bad Day to Invite Hermês for Supper

Yesterday, our House decided to prepare a feast for Hermês for no reason other than that he deserves one. For who amongst the Immortals is dearest to Man than the fleet-footed Traveller?

Yes, our outdoor altar used to be a big, fat tree.

This week’s outdoor altar used to be a big, fat tree. (Yes, that is a tree stump.)

Under a mango tree

And nowhere better to hold the rites than under this young mango tree …

A meeting place for city-dwelling mortals and their wild friends

… Amidst a sea of green that, unfortunately, will not last for long.

"Glorious is your portion and your right, for without you, mortals hold no banquet, where one does not duly pour sweet wine to Hestia, both first and last."

“Let us pray with a good fire.” — Rig Veda 1.26.9

Special cinnamon-spiced chocolate-covered almonds I made for Hermês

My homemade cinnamon-spiced, chocolate-covered almonds were the confection of the occasion.

Table wine from France and a strawberry beverage from gods-know-where for the God of travel

But there were also French table wine and a beverage from Korea for the God of travel and trade …

Pastries and fruit for the sweet-toothed God of graces

… And pastries and fruit for the sweet-toothed God of graces.

Dat ass belongs to the Bearer of the golden rod.

If dat ass comes from all them sweets, Imma feed him more.

Four-faced Hermês knows all directions, all roads, all ways.

For who amongst the Immortals is dearest to mortal Man than four-faced Hermês who knows all directions, all roads, all ways?

"Shine bright for those who gather around you."

Start with a good fire, end with a good fire. May we always pray with a good fire.

I thank you, Hermês, for all your awe-full and wonder-full surprises. May my work please you for ever and always, and may I always be blessed by your friendship. What more could one ask for, really?

To Anath

To Anath

I sing to thee, Anath,
Daughter of El,
Daughter of Ptah,
Daughter and Eye of Ra.

Thou, Anath most holy,
Sister to loud-thundering Hadad,
Sister to fair Astartê,
Sister-in-law of the people.

Thou, Anath most fierce,
Wife to Seth of the red-hair,
Companion of Min,
Companion of Resheph.

Thou , Anath called by many names,
thou Goddess drawn by lions,
thou Goddess of the land of cedars,
thou Goddess beloved of King Ptolemy.

Come, glorious Virgin,
defend your people in battle,
be our safeguard against cowardice,
wickedness, and injustice.

Come, Defender of Ma’at,
uphold arêtê in all nations,
slay our wretchedness,
and lead our souls to glory.