Gratitude to the Gracious

Yesterday, the House celebrated our third Hermaia Eriounia together, dedicated to, no other than, Hermês Eriounios, the Luck-bringer.

A modern Hellenistic festival normally celebrated on the fourth day of the old Makedonian month of Audynaios, it is a time to pray for good fortune for the coming year and give thanks for the good (and sometimes, not-so-good) things from the passing year. To seal the deed, we lay out only the sweetest and most auspicious things to eat.

This year’s Eriounia had two special guests, the God who is invited at every party, Dionysos, and the Lord of this truly rainy month, Poseidôn. Together, they shared an abundant feast with us, which we pray has cheered their hearts.


And as a matter of looking back, thanks to Google, here’s what we had last year:


Καὶ σὺ μὲν οὕτω χαῖρε, πολυστάφυλ᾽ ὦ Διόνυσε, Ποσείδαον γαιήοχε, κυανοχαῖτα, σύ τε καὶ χρυσόρραπις Ἑρμῆς, Διὸς καὶ Μαιάδος υἱέ ! (And so hail to you, Dionysos, god of abundant clusters; Poseidôn, Holder of the Earth, dark-haired lord; and you, Hermes, bearer of the golden rod, son of Zeus and Maia!)


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