Under the Same Sky, Above the Same Earth

From: indianweddingsite.com

From: indianweddingsite.com

A few months ago, I had the honour to bless a good friend of mine and her husband at their wedding celebration. It was my first ever and I’m glad it turned out just fine.

The blessing sounds a wee bit Wiccan (as you can decide for yourself below), but we all decided, for the benefit of everyone involved, to make it as “universal” as possible. Metaphors involving nature can’t get any more universal, I tell you.

That said, the blessing is quite simple and probably doesn’t deserve much attention, but I am posting it, anyway:

Today, I bless you X and Y, under the same sky, above the same earth.

May you both be blessed with the stability of earth and the firmness of rock, these islands and continents we’ve risen from, the rich soil that sustains and feeds us, the land upon which we make our cities and homes. May your union become a firm and fertile ground that you can build your visions and dreams upon.

May you both be blessed with the flexibility of water, the glass of water that becomes the clouds, clouds that return to the sea or nourish the land as soft rain, turning into ice and back again. May your union become fluid and flexible as flowing water, able to change yet ultimately be constant.

May you both be blessed with the persistence and endurance of plants and crops. As with fields of grain that have grown, dropped seed, and wilted, so too, generations of your ancestors have come and gone, leading up to this moment. May your union be aware of the past and have the freedom to strike its own path to the future.

May you both be blessed with the permanence and brilliance of the heavens, as the ever present sky above and the burning stars deep in the blackness of space that have watched the first lifeform rise from the sea onto land. May your union be everlasting as the stars, and give light and warmth to those around you.

May the blessings of all these be with you always, as eternal as the sun and moon that rise and set each day. May you know more happiness from this day forward.

Of course, I did perform a more Hellenic blessing in private, away from Christian eyes. I gave the bride a pomegranate and a bottle of red wine. May Hêra bless them for as long as they will let Her.

Frederic Leighton, Pavonia, 1858–59 Reminds me a bit of Hêra.

Frederic Leighton, Pavonia, 1858–59
Reminds me a bit of Hêra.


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