Did You Bathe Your Lingam in Milk Today?

Well, not yours, exactly. I meant Shiv’s!


Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lingam handy, but I did have this really beautiful murti of Mahadev that I bought from Bangkok last year. It goes without saying that the Lord of the Dance was invited to our house for a nice milk bath.


We visited the temple, too, and bathed an even bigger lingam. (These were taken from a couple of months ago, though, as I wasn’t able to take pictures last night.)

Everybody was beautiful, as usual, and the bhajans were extraordinary.

IMG_20131229_224327 IMG_20131229_224432 IMG_20131229_224634

If you didn’t get to celebrate this year’s Maha Shivratri, there’s always next year. Mark your calendars!


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