To End Feralia, I Give You Salp’uri

Salp’uri is a Korean folk dance that was originally used in Korean shamanism after performing an exorcism. During the exorcism, the shaman removes the “sal,” meaning a curse, evil spell, or negative energy from the person by absorbing it into herself. Therefore, in order to banish the “sal” from her own psyche, she performs the Salp’uri dance. Additionally, it is used to express beauty and sadness in both relationships and separations by bringing peace to the spirits of the dead and leading them to heaven… [See more.]

I don’t think I’ve got any Korean ancestors–none recent or none that I know of–but I pray my ancestors will understand and appreciate this gesture, nonetheless. After all, it’s a beautiful dance perfect for the occasion, and it’s happening tonight in their name, Terpsichorê help me.


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