Ritual Cramming on New Year’s Eve

It's the seventh day of the Twelve Nights and here's my seventh swan.

It’s the seventh day of the Twelve Nights and here’s my seventh swan.

Gads, it’s New Year’s Eve tonight and I’m still here, sitting on my arse. It also happens to be the eve of the new month of Gamêlion-Peritios and the Egyptian month of Mechier.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s beyond wonderful that all three kalends are happening on the same day. If only I weren’t such a crammer. Well, writing about it usually solves the problem for me, so I hope this works.

Tonight: Last Evening of the Old Year.

  • [15:00] Make a new evergreen wreath for Janus and Juno Limentina.
  • Buy flowers, have twelve kinds of fruit, and assorted desserts for the Midnight Feast. Done! Thanks, Ma!
  • Clean the place, change sheets, change drapes, and wash the old year’s dirty laundry!
  • Upload all unuploaded photos and finish all draft articles. Nope, not going to happen.
  • [20:00] Begin fasting after supper (last supper of the old year). Make serpentine-bread and write unwanted things on clay pot à la Wep Ronpet.
  • [21:00] Ask Hekatê’s blessing, turn over old year, and burn old offerings (especially the old wreath) outside. Burn the serpent and break the pot! Fumigate house with incense, afterwards. Clean house shrine and altar.
  • [22:00] Bake Aldrin’s special New Year Bread. Cross your fingers.
  • [23:00] Clean hearth-stove after all the cooking is done. (At this time, all fires should have been put out.) Re-kindle the main altar fire with a match (or three matches together). Use this fire to bless the hearth-stove and light all fires in the home.
  • [23:45] Right before midnight, bring out the Janus cult-icon and present the new wreath to him as well as the Midnight Feast. Recite adorations to Janus to bless the new year. Keep the house shrine open.
  • [00:00] Chase the old year away and welcome the new with merry-making and sacred noise!
  • [00:05] Pray for auspicious tidings and feast with the family, breaking the fast.
  • [01:00] Sleep.

Tomorrow morning: First Day of the New Year.

  • [06:00] Wake up and get everything ready. Bathe. Prepare first offerings to be presented to the household spirits and the All-Gods.
  • [07:00] Welcome the Gods and ask their blessing for the New Year. (Ritual outline to follow!)
  • [08:00] Have first breakfast with the Gods and family.

I’m an awfully anal man, and an even more awfully anal cultist from a very ritual-anal culture. May I have the right skill to get everything ready in time and may I have the wisdom to forgive myself if I don’t. Wish me luck and wit!


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