Hermaia Eriounia

So, last Sunday, we celebrated Hermaia Eriounia–which, thank Hermês, was a success!

This modern Hellenic festival occurs on the 4th of the Makedonian month of Audenaios, celebrating Hermês as ‘Luck-bringer’ – games, role-reversal, gambling, and sacrifices for good luck are performed for the coming year.

I hope the Lord enjoyed our little gesture of gratitude for all his blessings. Why, with all the sweets we fed him, why wouldn’t he?


After ablutions (Χἐρνιψ), we begin to prepare the sacrificial fire in sacred silence. As is customary, no mundane words are uttered until the first prayers are sung.


Luckily, we had an artisan (and photographer) in our midst. Our friend, Murmur, made votive offerings out of clay (four in number, of course). Here, you see Hermês in his role as divine ‘guard-dog’; our vigilant god of borders and noble psychomp.


Here’s Hermês as a rooster, representative of his role as god of good beginnings; opening each new day to all things fortunate.


What’s a Hermaia without strawberries and cinnamon! And who can forget the turtle that Hermês made into a kithara! (The bay leaves are for purification.)


A bee on a tetradrachma and foreign currency. All for the Lord of travel and commerce.


My portable shrine to the Lord of luck which I made not too long ago for rituals on-the-go.


The offering table filled with goodies. Mostly sweets for the sweet Lord of guile.


To Hestia, first and last in all prayers.


My Indophile friend opens up the shrine as I recite the hymns.


There’s a little herm inside, too.


At the end of every sacrifice is a good meal. Dig in, folks! The Lord of chance eats with you!

A million thanks for the blessing of good company, a safe road, a joyous heart, a cunning tongue, and ever timely luck!


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