Today in Thanks: 5th of the 12th, 2013

I’m starting a new series today on being thankful. Perhaps it’s the holiday season or Melia at 4 of Wands, or perhaps just my life in general that I’ve come to this wonderful realisation that there’s always something to be thankful for. I’m sure there will be days when it won’t feel like tulips and daisies, but then, it would become a genuine challenge to actually find a reason to be thankful. Of course, I don’t mean to bullshit myself into thinking I’ve got to be happy for the shitty things that happen, too, but it would be interesting to find out.

First off, I’m thankful for this chance to write. My life used to be all work and commute, but now, it doesn’t take so much to get myself to scribble. I’m definitely thankful to the Mousai and Apollôn.

I’m also thankful for being able to wake up before dawn today (I usually wake up much later, at around 9); that I had enough sleep to get up and clean the shrines for the Kalends of December, and that I had enough energy to put up the holiday tree, right in time for the first week of Advent!

As always, I’m thankful for my family and our house, and the cutest pains in the arse I could ever wish for (those little rascals who gave me a hard time setting up the tree).

Finally, despite being broke and jobless, I’m thankful for being to able to buy this beautiful bouquet of flowers that now adorns the holiday tree.


Limonium is a genus of 120 flower species. Members are also known as Sea Lavender, Statice, or Marsh-rosemary.

UPDATE: This series has been moved here.


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