I’m Burying the God Graveyard

I was supposed to write something about this in length, but it’s almost been a month, and I honestly don’t care as much at this point. I still think it was tactless and stupid–and I srsly don’t see how their stunt helped accomplish anything good for atheism, secularism, or humanism–but I just don’t have the heart to involve myself anymore. (I could, of course, revisit the page and check for new tasteless, witless comments from rabid, pseudo-intellectual apatheists to ruin my day, but why would I want to do that?)

Besides, a lot of people (123456, 7, 8) have made their point clear enough. I’ve also said my piece on AHA‘s blog, anyway, so I’d rather not repeat myself here.

Perhaps I’ll have something to say in the near future, who knows, but right now, it’s, “Wither away and good riddance, God Graveyard”. I’d rather spend the last days of 2013 without having to think about you.

Freyja says thanks for the flowers and wine

Freyja says thanks for the flowers and wine (yes, even if it was satirical).


One thought on “I’m Burying the God Graveyard

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