Hail Hermês Polytropos! Hail Artemis Kourotrophos!

Despite all the work that needed to be done this week, I still managed to perform two very important ritual commissions: a petition of protection from Hermês as Guide of Travellers and a coming-of-age ritual under the auspices of Artemis as Nurse of the Young (Kourotrophos).


Although my friend always makes sure to leave a gift for Hermês before any trip, he needed a little extra help this time because Mr I-plan-in-advance decided to book a flight to Vietnam on the spot. I offered sweets (which he gleefully bought himself) on his behalf a day before his flight. I’ve been told that he had a couple of communication and travel problems on his way (which could have been the Trickster playing around), but judging from his photos, he seems to be have had a lot of fun. Io Hermês!


My other friend–who is 27, by the way–was advised by Dionysos via our beloved Oracle of Eugene to perform an offering of her cut hair to Artemis Kourotrophos. Having recognised this akin to an ancient rite of passage for Greek maidens, we decided to have it as a full blown coming-of-age ritual. I had to do a little gender-bending there as men aren’t supposed to be at a woman’s coming of age.
Dionysos and Hermês were special guests because, well, they’re amazing.


Like any sacrifice, there had to be a banquet. My friend was kind enough to shoulder all the expenses, but I made sure I was there to help out in the cooking (I adore cooking, anyway). It was a purely vegetarian dinner as we thought Artemis would appreciate it (though hunted meat would’ve been nice).


Of course, there can’t be a sacrifice (or a meal, for that matter) without the splendid Daughter of Kronos. Hail Hestia, first born and last!

PS: My adventurous friend blogs at the Pagan Murmur. You should check him out!


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