To Anath

To Anath

I sing to thee, Anath,
Daughter of El,
Daughter of Ptah,
Daughter and Eye of Ra.

Thou, Anath most holy,
Sister to loud-thundering Hadad,
Sister to fair Astartê,
Sister-in-law of the people.

Thou, Anath most fierce,
Wife to Seth of the red-hair,
Companion of Min,
Companion of Resheph.

Thou , Anath called by many names,
thou Goddess drawn by lions,
thou Goddess of the land of cedars,
thou Goddess beloved of King Ptolemy.

Come, glorious Virgin,
defend your people in battle,
be our safeguard against cowardice,
wickedness, and injustice.

Come, Defender of Ma’at,
uphold arêtê in all nations,
slay our wretchedness,
and lead our souls to glory.


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