On Choosing/Being Chosen

Patronhood (or patronship, whichever) is a bit of a controversial topic in contemporary polytheistic circles, especially when we think about how differently our ancestors understood the idea of patron gods. Is Arês the god of war because warriors are drawn to him or are warriors drawn to him because he’s the god of war? Maybe both?

On a related note–to which many polytheistic pagans might relate to–Do we choose the gods we feel closest to or do they choose us? Or are we both drawn to each other because of similar desires or goals?

My friend once wrote:

It is not accurate to say that the gods chose their charges: the ones they love. It is also not accurate to say that that the charges choose their patrons. Rather, it is something that seems to happen simultaneously.

Charges are not servants of the gods, because they would choose to do the same activities whether they knew about the gods or not. Charges are close to a god because they share the same goals and the same agendas with their “patron”.

A Mad Light, December 2011

What do you think?

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/oochappan/6240184969/

Touching Hanuman, God worshipping God
Source: flickr.com/photos/oochappan/6240184969/


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