A Buffet for the Ancestors

Yesterday was one of those days when I just woke up and wanted to prepare a feast for my ancestors. Maybe they wanted it or maybe I did, it doesn’t matter. Good food and good company are always welcome in our house.

Preparing a meal for the ancestors is never easy, at least for mine. I’ve got ancestors from all over the world, so I have to consider their individual tastes when preparing a collective menu. Maybe they come anyway (being already a part of the household gods) or maybe I have to draw them forth (not unlike a flashy invitation card), again, I don’t know, so I play on the safe side. Personally, I would like my favourite dishes served, too, so I work on that (let this be a note for my future children and grandchildren).

I also never forget to have a special offering put aside for Hermanubis, whom without our dead would not be able to cross over and attend our offerings. He’s a great interpreter, too, especially when I don’t speak all the languages my ancestors spoke.

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And so give praise to our fathers and mothers of old, blood of our blood, breath of our breath. May they have peace and plenty in the Undying West and may our deeds honour them for ever! May we always live under their guidance.

Camera 360


Live Efficiently

Having caught the attention of Apollo means that you have to live efficiently, without waste. Everything you do must contribute to your improvement. You sleep well because you need to function excellently the day later. You take “breaks” to open yourself to inspiration and ideas. You travel and explore to gain insight about yourself and the world. You play games to hone your skills in strategy. You party to express your pent up emotion. For Apollo, there is no such thing as idleness: every moment must contribute to your progress.

A Mad Light, December 2011

Art by aragon64

Art by MariaAragon64 (mariaaragon64.deviantart.com)