Not the first time I’ve danced under the rain

For Gê! For Dionysos! Tonight, we dance!



Today is Earthdance Manila 2013 (my fifth, I think) and it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Not that that would stop me from going. I braved a tempest at the Ganesha Visarjan this Sunday; this rain is nothing compared to that. Carry on, Zeus Ombrios!

Although, not a Pagan Pride Day in itself, the event is often attended not only by eclectic Neopagans (usually bright-eyed, light-and-love “Witches”), but also tribal spiritual leaders (real ones, thank the Gods). The greater part of the crowd, though, will be artists, dancers, musicians, photographers, interfaith workers, hippies, pomos, vegans, outgoing cosmopolitans, and so on. It’s not the best fundraiser there is, but it helps and it’s fun. I get to dance, too! That’s my primary goal, anyhow.

Tonight, we dance!

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