EDP2: Live An Honourable Life

Yes, you read that right. I consider it a devotional practice to act honourably. If it isn’t a part of your personal devotions yet, perhaps it’s about time that you did. What good are all our praises and sacrifices if we lived our lives dishonourably? If we treated each other like shite? If we tore other people down rather than creating more beauty with them in the name of our gods? We can disagree without being rude. We can be critical without being total douchebags.

Yes, I’m talking about all these personal attacks on some of the better people in the polytheistic pagan community. I talked about this briefly in the past, but it seems like the incessant bickering has only got worse. Sannion tells us that they’ve now began to attack Tess Dawson, too.

I don’t have a very large readership and I don’t normally involve myself in these online squabbles. I would rather post about my cultus and my gods, but I can’t help but feel bad.

We’ve had our Silent July. I think it’s about time our aggressors took time off the innernets, as well. Just a suggestion.



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