Lamps or Candles?

I just bought this new diya (lamp) and it is fantastic (actual picture above). It burns longer than the other lamps I’ve got because it holds the wick right in the middle.

I prefer oil or ghee lamps over candles, in general, because they don’t stink like burning wax does and they’ve got a very nice, vintage feel to them. I got this particular treasure from an Indian grocery. I’ve been planning to buy a bigger one that looks a little something like this:



6 thoughts on “Lamps or Candles?

  1. I have contemplated getting an oil lamp myself, in the style of what the ancients had. I found a few I could buy… The problem is that I don’t have much money to spare >_<


  2. I just found it with an internet shop. €20 or something, plus off course the costs for sending it. And some wicks off course, or I won’t be burning that lamp anytime soon 😛

    I know of an online shop that sells clay ones with faces of Hellenic deities on them. Zeus, Apollon,… But not Hestia I think.


    • So, I’ve heard! Actually, beeswax would be my first choice had I lived elsewhere. We don’t usually have those here.

      There is an appeal to using clarified butter, though. I love the smell!


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