Rebirth in Silence

Well, I’m back from my ‘sabbatical‘. I’d like to think it went rather well. I didn’t have any social media withdrawals and I wasn’t too stoked to come back to it, quite honestly. I guess, with all the time I spent on it in the last 5 years, it was probably never as important to me than I gave it credit for. I’m not against it, don’t get me wrong, but imagine if I had cut the time I spent on social media all these years in half, I might have already been fluent in 3 new languages by now. Oh, well, now we know.

The sabbatical served my religious practices quite well, too. Just last week, I celebrated my first full Wep Ronpet festival (Kemetic New Year). It was amazing. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to prepare for a rite. For seven straight days, I would get up to meet the sunrise, fix up, and sing praises to the Children of Nut, Hêlios-Ra, and the Beloved Ones. I even slew Apophis twice: once at my house and the other at a friend’s. (I took a few photos that will be uploaded tomorrow, I promise.)


Image source: Tiger House Art

I’m really happy I took the sabbatical. With all this quarter life crisis shite going on, I needed every bit of reorganising and distraction-free centering I could get. I thank my daimôn, my gods, and my tribe for helping me consistently.

Hail Hermês! Hail Dionysos! Hail all the Gods of Alexandria, from Makedôn to Hindustan! May the light of Alexandria never fade.


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