A is for All-Gods

For my first PBP post, I thought I’d introduce the All-Gods. Now, I don’t mean all 8 million of them, just the ones I pay regular respects to. Roll call!


Agathos Daimôn as protective or nurturing spirit of the house (identified with Lar familiaris)

Aphroditê as Goddess of love and bonds in all forms

Apollôn in all his forms, but especially as Artist’s God, Athlete’s God, Scientist’s God, Healer and God of purification, God of excellence, Protector of children, and Averter of evil

Arês as God of boldness and strength, and Defender of the folk


Asherah (Athirat) as Mother of the Gods (Mêtêr Theôn), syncretised with Rhea

Asklêpios as God of medicine

Athêna in all her forms, but especially as Goddess of learning and logic, and Protector of cities

Ba’al Hadad and Anat as Protectors of Lebanon (Phoenicia)

Dionysos as the unstoppable force of life in all senses


Dêmêtêr and Korê-Persephonê as Goddesses of the earth’s fertility

Durga as Great Mother, Protector of gods and mortals, syncretised with Rhea

Gaia (Gê) as Mother of all beings (Mêtêr Pantôn), origin of all

Ganesha (Ganapathi) as Remover of obstacles, God of good fortune, and Opener of the way, syncretised with Hermês

Hekatê as Guardian of roads and gates, and Averter of evil


Hêra as Queen of the Olympians, Goddess of family, spirit of sovereignty, and Protector of women

Hermês in all his forms and syncretisms including Hermanubis, Hermekate, Hermes-Janus, Hermes-Thoth, Hermes-Ganesh, San Pedro, Santo Niño de Atocha, etc.

Hestia as the imperishable flame, Goddess of hearth and home and sacrificial fire

Ingui as God of fertility and well-being


Jesus Christ (Iesous Christos) as spirit of radical love and compassion, spirit of hope undying

Mary the Virgin Mother (Christotokos or Theotokos) and all her incarnations, but especially as Lady of the Pillar and Virgin of Guadalupe, Protectors of my hometown and the Philippines, respectively


Mary Magdalene (Maria ê Magdalênê) as my barangay‘s Patron and Herald of the monsoon season (this is a very local aspect of her, which has little to do with the biblical Magdalene)

Michael the Archangel (Taxiarchos Michaêl) as Slayer of devils

Persephonê-Korê and Plouto as Hosts of the blessed Dead


Poseidôn as God of waters (in all senses)

Rhea as Great Mother (Mêtêr Megalê), Nurse of gods and mortals

The Mighty Dead (Hêrôes), but especially Hypatia of Alexandria, Julian the Philosopher, Myungsung of Chosun, Boudicca of the Iceni, etc.

Zeus as King of Olympos, God of gods and Protector of the home


Hopefully, I didn’t miss Anybody.


3 thoughts on “A is for All-Gods

  1. The syncretism of Durga and Rhea is perfect to my mind…I have been working at Hellenic-Hindu syncretism and have been floundering for Durga. I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me. thanks 🙂


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