Flowers, Fire, and Springtime Snakes

Tonight, as the new moon rises, we welcome the Athenian month of Anthesteriôn (Ἀνθεστηριών), the month of flowers, a month special to Dionysos and our ancestors.


At the same time, we welcome the return of springtime winds here in the south-eastern seas as the Year of the Water Snake begins. May you have happy flowery, snakey, warm days ahead. (But, not too warm!)

water snake

In addition, I have had plans to incorporate the cultus of Brigindo (“Gaulish Brighid“) as a distinct part (and not “merely” as an interpretatio of Vesta or Minerva) of our household worship. I am unsure, though, how to do that at this point as there are so many festivities going on at the same time. A perfect time would have been a few days ago on the 4th (the “astrological” Imbolc), which was also the beginning of Lìchūn (節氣)–or “Chinese New Year”. I should have prepared, I know.

brighid(Image sources 1, 2, 3)


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