New Moons on Busy Weekdays

Okay, one last thing before I sleep.

Tonight is when the moon makes its first appearance in the night sky, marking the beginning of a new month. It is the first evening (as we begin our days at sundown) in the lunar month of Maimakteriôn (Μαιμακτεριών), 5th in the old Athenian calendar. With work in the way, it’s only realistic to predict that I won’t be able to perform the traditional rites to start the new month for my household on the exact date of the new moon. It’s almost past noon and I should be sleeping now (ideally, I should be sleeping at 10 and waking up at 6). As much as I take my cultus seriously, health is also an important part of my devotion to the Gods. I need my beauty sleep.

But, worry not, as new moons have happened on busy weekdays before, I have decided to perform the opening ceremony tomorrow evening, instead. I’m sure the Household Gods wouldn’t mind resting for another day.

I promise to sleep earlier tomorrow as it’s going be a Noumênia + Agathos Daimôn combo! But hey, if you’re already celebrating tonight, have a Kala Noumênia!


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